quickmedics-favQUICK MEDICS is dedicated to putting patients’ needs first. We bring together the finest physicians and medical resources to give our patients the best health outcomes and the highest level of service. From annual health check-ups to specialists’ consultation and medical management all within the comfort of your home, QML is your medical home for a lifetime of care and wellness.

Our services include:

General Services

24hrs Physical Consultation

Through our mobile application platform, our clients have access to and can request doctors who are always available 24/7

Prescription and Dispensary Services

We provide prescribed medication to our clients doorstep with quality assurance in mind at an affordable price.

Diagnostic and Investigation Services

We run point of care investigations and all other possible test in the laboratory via our dispatch services.

Hospital Referrals

We are aware of in-patient care in the spectrum of healthcare delivery which is sometimes unavoidable.

Scheduled Medical Checks

At QML we strongly focus on wellness and prevention tailored to individual needs. Emphasis is placed on such things as

Screenings Packages

We also offer third party screening used to identify the potential health disorders in individuals without signs and symptoms of the disease.

Electronic Medical Record

With the use of our mobile application platform, our clients have access to their health records on the go from the day of sign up.

Family Planning Services

This is a set of educational, comprehensive-medical and social activities which enables individuals determine freely the number & spacing...

Immunization Services

Vaccines offer protection from serious and potentially fatal diseases. Given the immunization schedule complexities,

Special Services

Chronic Illness Management

Chronic illness is a disease that is long-term, affecting different systems of the body (multisystemic) and its management requires...

Antenatal And Postnatal Services

This is the care you receive from healthcare professional during and after your pregnancy. You will be offered series of visit at...

Well Baby Checks

Good child health is not only important in childhood, it also affects health in adulthood. Child health and development also have effects...

Nutrition and Fitness Clinic

We are what we eat, so it's important to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to be in optimum health...

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