For the safety of all our patients, we make sure all Doctors are verified by the MDCN, we make sure we have all their details.

On the mobile app, when a call to see a Doctor is made, the picture of the doctor coming to the patient at home appears on the patients platform, for you to know who you are expecting.

That is why we tell our patients not to accept the request of a doctor not until the Doctor gets to your home and its confirmed that the picture matches with the person at your door step.

If the mobile APP can’t be used to make a request to see a Doctor due to the internet failure, Our office number can be called and the information would be sent out to all Doctors.

The mobile app is only available when our clients signup. Following signup, it will take us about 72hours to set up your profile. When this is done, a link would be sent to you for download of the app alongside your username and a default password.

When you want a Doctor to see you, you login to the app, on the menu you go to request a Doctor, it would display a page that shows you if you want the Doctor at your default address or an alternative address, it also displays a page you can type in your symptoms.

It then sends the request to all the Doctors available and a notification would be sent back in the name, picture of the Doctor that is coming.

As stated on the signup form, we are not an emergency service, and give us an ultimatum of one (1) hour to be at your residence from the time the request is been made.

While en-route to your home, the Doctor places a call to you, if there be any issues that would cause a delay, the Doctor notifies you and also notifies them at the office.

If the issues would prevent the doctor from getting to your home, an alternative arrangement would be made for another Doctor to come.

If the whole family is to see a Doctor, different bill would be generated for each member of the family but would be at a discounted rate.

1. Diagnosis

2. Drugs you are on

3. Procedures that were carried out.

If you sign up with us and you didn’t request to see a Doctor throughout the year, we do a health check visit, where we carryout basic health care screenings.

This is because we focus on prevention rather than treatment and so there could be some investigation that may point out some conditions and so we can go ahead with treatment.

We all know that not all health issues come with symptoms/signs and so can go unnoticed except a screening test or check is done.