quickmedics-favQuick Medics is an initiative aimed at promoting the highest possible, complete health care service options which coel-equipo-africano-del-mdico-manosea-con-los-dedos-para-arriba-41128840nforms to optimal clinical practice offered in the comfort of your home. We are dedicated to deliver prompt, personalized, convenient and affordable services to our clients at home without compromising quality using our mobile application platform, trained medical personnel and modern equipment.

Our vision is to be the preferred health care service provider in Nigeria as we guarantee quality service and confidentiality of our clients.

Our mission is to promote healthy life style, maintain good health and improve total well being using optimal clinical practises leveraging on technology and giving our clients an unforgettable experience.

QUICK MEDICS is dedicated to putting patients’ needs first. We bring together the finest physicians and medical resources to give our patients the best health outcomes and the highest level of service. From annual health check-ups to specialists’ consultation and medical management all within the comfort of your home, QML is your medical home for a lifetime of care and wellness.

Our goal is to provide an unparalleled system of care that offers:

Family medicine and specialized care
Convenience and round the clock
Coordinated appointments and Detailed medical records
High quality and consistent care

We are a team of trained interdisciplinary professionals, taking health services to our clients by offering patients’ access to doctors they know and can trust, we believe that every patient deserves  comfort and a stress free experience when accessing health care like never before.

Our unique home based medical services practice affords you accessibility, convenience and flexibility around your busy, work and family schedules and keeping all personal records of your health on a secure database.

With the aid of a customized mobile application platform, clients request for doctors, schedule consultant visits and are treated at home. We document and keep track of our clients medical status and history, this is with a view to make your medical records accessible on the go and health service delivery convenient and progressive.

Our commitment is to improve and maintain health via regular screenings, check-ups, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments through skilled, verified and constantly trained health care providers using modern medical equipment.

Our Practice not only addresses routine Internal Medical issues, but, strongly focuses on wellness and prevention. Emphasis can be placed on such things as modification of risk factors, early disease detection, education regarding medical diagnoses, nutrition counseling and personal fitness.

A yearly report summarizing your health assessment and pertinent medical data is given to you in written or electronic format so that you (or in case of emergency while you are traveling, another treating physician) can have immediate access to your medical history.

Implementation of an electronic medical record allows the physician instant access to your medical history enabling the practice to provide seamless care wherever you are being seen. Medication tracking and electronic prescriptions will reduce medication errors.

In the event that you develop an urgent medical need, QML is available to see you either promptly in the home or even in your office. If hospitalization is necessary, QML refers you to reputable hospitals we are affiliated with.

Our mobile App is a gateway to QML’s many qualified and highly skilled specialists, and comprehensive services. By bringing providers together as an integrated team, we create seamless access and coordinated services for our patients.

QML provides a truly unique and meaningful health care experience for Nigerians. We invite you to get to know us and our services better, and see for yourself what makes us unique.